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February has just begun, and we’re feeling competitive.  And you know what that means, time for another competition!  It’s time for the Eyewire Winter Games!  So start doing finger stretches, polish your spectacles, and make sure you have the mental fortitude to play hard, win big, and accumulate masses of points, badges, and bragging rights when you take home the gold at the Eyewire games!

The Games kick off on February 7th at noon EST.  We have a variety of Eyewire challenges in store for you including a Relay, Bobsled Buddy challenge, and a marathon to see if we can complete a whole cell in just 26.2 hours!

Login for Trivia from nkem’s @inquizator on the hour every 3 hours at the following times US EST: noon, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm, midnight, 3am, 6am and 9 am every day of the winter games on eyewire.org.

Check out a full schedule of events on the interactive calendar or scroll down for overviews:

click map

Relay Info Bobsled Buddy Info Happy Hour Info Trivia Day Info Valentine's Contest Winter Hunt Info Evil Cube Info Cube Race Info Marathon Info 10000 Pts Info

(You can click on any of the calendared events to go to the description of that event). All times US EST.

Many events are based on points earned — remember that you can earn double points by playing the Starburst Challenge.


DURATION: noon, Feb 7 – noon, Feb 9th


  • 3 players over 3 hours
  • start any time within 48 hour window
  • most points wins
  • one hour per player, players must play back to back, sum scores
  • *If for any reason your partners don’t show up, we’ll allow you to reschedule*

PRIZE: 6K for each player on 1st place team; 4K for 2nd place; 2K for 3rd place.

Signup here. Full event description.

Buddy GamesBobsledBuddies

DURATION: midnight, Feb 10 – midnight Feb 12


  • 2 players, 48 hours
  • most combined points wins


  • bonus of the sum total of points scored between you and your buddy over 48h
  • each member of winning team earns +25K points; 2nd place: +15K; 3rd place: +5K

Sign up here. Full description.

Trivia DaysTriviaGrimBanner

In addition to trivia every three hours, we’re hosting four special trivia events.

DURATION: Feb 13 at 10 am and 10 pm; Feb 20 at 10 am and 10 pm. 60 minutes each; a question every two minutes.


  • the @inquizitor asks a question every 2 minutes
  • private message your answer using /msg inquizitor YOUR ANSWER GOES HERE.
  • Short answer – no need for complete sentences


  • 1st correct answer wins +300 points; 2nd correct answer wins +200; 3rd wins +100

Full game description.

Girls vs Boys Valentine’s SpecialValentineGrims

DURATION: 1-4 pm, Feb 14


  • ladies vs gentlemen
  • most points wins


  • each player on winning team earns +7K points.
  • top player on each team wins +1400 points

Declare your team here. Full description.

Winter HuntScytheGrim

DURATION: 12:01 am, Feb 15 – 11:59 pm Feb 16 (48h)


  • hunt for mergers (what?) on neuron called The Hunt
  • message @nkem_test with coordinates


  • win +1,000 points for each merger you successfully identify
  • top players will be promoted to scouts. some scouts may be promoted to order of the scythe

Full event description. Get the 101 on previous hunts here.

Evil CubesPuzzlingGrim

DURATION: 12:01 am Feb 17 – 11:59 pm Feb 23


  • complete 10 of GrimReapers most sinister cubes
  • win by accuracy


  • most accurate player wins +6,000 points; 2nd place wins +4K; 3rd wins +2K
  • all players who complete all cubes win +1K points

Full event description here.

Cube RaceCubeRaceGrim

DURATION: 12:01 am Feb 18, 24h


  • do as many cubes as you can and win lots and lots of bonuses


  • 20 cubes: 1,000 points
  • 50 cubes: 2,000 points
  • 100 cubes: 4,000 points
  • 150 cubes: 8,000 points
  • 200 cubes: 16,000 points
  • Every Additional 50 cubes: 2,000 points
  • Most cubes wins +3K, 2nd wins +2K, 3rd wins +1K

Full event description here.


DURATION: 9:47 pm, Feb 20 – 11:59 pm Feb 22


  • complete a full neuron in 26.2 hours. seriously.


if we complete the neuron…

  • Top ⅓ of all players will receive a gold badge and 20,000 points
  • Middle ⅓ of all players will receive a silver badge and 15,000 points
  • Bottom ⅓ of all players (must have completed at least 20 cubes to qualify) will receive a bronze badge and 10,000 points

Full game description here.

10K ChallengeCelebrationGrim

DURATION: 12:01 am Feb 23, 24h


  • score 10K points


  • win a bonus of however many points you scored in 24h

Full event description here.

Special Happy HoursMartiniGrimBanner

DURATION: Feb 12 and Feb 19, 2 – 4 pm

*Special Rules for these special Happy Hours*

  • Score over 1000, get 500 point bonus
  • Score over 2500, get 1000 point bonus
  • Score over 5000, get 2500 point bonus
  • Score over 10,000, get 5,000 point bonus
  • Every 1,000 points over 10,000, win an additional 500 point bonus
  • Additional 3000 for top player, on top of other bonuses
  • Additional 2000 for 2nd top player, on top of other bonuses
  • Additional 1000 for 3rd top player, on top of other bonuses

Full Happy Hour Descriptions here.


See you at the podium!

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