Winter Games Hunt

ScytheGrimBannerWhat time is it?  You guessed it!  Time for another hunt!

This special Eyewire Games Hunt will work much like our previous Hunts.  We give you a cell. You find the mergers.  You do a good job, you get prizes!

As with previous hunts, players who score well can expect promotions to Scouts and Scythes, so long as your accuracy is above 90%, and you do suitably well in the Hunt.  In addition, we will give you 1000 points for each merger you locate, and special Eyewire Games gold, silver, and bronze badges to the players who smite the mergers most successfully.

There are 15 mergers to find.  Use your 35 guesses well.

The Eyewire Games Hunt will begin on Saturday, February 15th at midnight EST, and run until Monday, February 17th at midnight EST. 

Happy hunting!

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