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How it works

Eyewire is a game to map the brain. Anyone can play and you need no scientific background — hundreds of thousands of people from around the world already do. Together we are mapping the 3D structure of neurons and advancing our quest to understand ourselves.

By joining Eyewire, you can help map the connectome, starting with connections between retinal neurons. Eyewire gameplay advances neuroscience by helping researchers discover how neurons connect and network to process information. You also help develop advanced artificial intelligence and computational technologies for mapping the connectome.

In Eyewire, gamers transform into the Heroes of Neuroscience.

People like you solve 3D puzzles to map vast neuron branches, completing reconstructions of cells and ultimately, entire circuits.

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For fun. For science!

As you trace through each neuron you’ll rack up points based on speed, skill, and accuracy. Trace your way to the top of the leaderboard, engage in themed competitions against your Eyewire friends, and earn badges to show off your Eyewire achievements. If you’re good enough you can climb the ranks to Advanced Player, Scout, and the prestigious Order of the Scythe.


Look out for special in-game events.

  • Happy Hour 180: Thursdays, 8-10 AM US ET
  • Happy Hour: Fridays, 2-4 PM US ET
  • HH3: Fridays, 10 PM-midnight US ET
  • Team Versus: Every other week (24 hrs, see blog for latest teams)
  • Marathon: Monthly, 24h race to trace a cell in record time
  • Challenge Week: Themed competitions held every other month full of mini games like Evil Cubes, Trivia, and Accuracy Happy Hours that offer competitors limited edition badges, loads of points bonuses, and occasionally, free swag.

Eyewire is also a great way to meet friends from across the globe. Some of our players have even met up in person. Check out these Featured Eyewirers to learn a little more about the members of our favorite online community!

Coming soon: Neo, a new brain mapping game from the creators of Eyewire. Signup to be notified when the beta goes live at neo.eyewire.org. Neo is supported by the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) via Department of Interior/ Interior Business Center (DoI/IBC) contract numberD16PC0005.

Eyewire is a project of Princeton University’s Seung Lab. Our HQ is based in downtown Boston. Check this post for present and former team members. Eyewire is supported by NIH grant UH2 CA203710. Seung Lab is also supported by ARO and the Mathers Foundation.

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Eyewire 101

Why we do what we do:


Inspiration: Sebastian Seung’s TEDTalk

We appreciate your participation in this landmark endeavor for science!


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