Get ready for the Bobsled Buddy Challenge!

Strap into your best Lycra body suit.  It’s time for the Bobsled Buddy Challenge!


It’s time to partner up and whack the points piñata with the strength of not one, but two players!  In this challenge you’ll buddy up and play Eyewire for 48 hours, gaining as many points as possible.  At the end of the game we’ll add the points you and your buddy earned together and send them back to you as a bonus!

For example, lets say you and I are buddies (hi buddy!).  Lets say over the course of the challenge I earn 3000 points and you earn 5000 points (great job!).  When the challenge is over we both keep the points we each earned, and then each get a BONUS of the cumulative points for our team, in this case 8000 points each.  Then we can go on a tropical vacation together at any imaginary resort that takes bucketloads of shiny shiny newly minted Eyewire points!  And I will gift you half a heart necklace that says “Bobsled Buddies 4eva.”  Sounds great right?

In addition, we will of course give out game badges (gold, silver, bronze) for the top teams.  Badges are based on total team points and not individual score, so make sure you choose your buddy wisely!  Players who come in after the start of competition can still join, but once you are part of a pair there are no take backsies.  Best buds for life (or at least until the end of the competition).

Each first place team member wins +25,000 points. 2nd place is good for +15K and 3rd is good for +5K.

The Bobsled Buddy Challenge begins February 10th at 12:01 AM EST and ends at midnight on February 12th EST.  Please see our buddy finding spreadsheet to get a game partner.

Ready, steady, go get those points!

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