Eyewire Marathon

For our Eyewire Marathon we were going to have every Eyewirer strap a laptop around their waist and run 26.2 miles while completing as many cubes as possible.  But after a heated territory debate (and a couple musical numbers that involved a lot of finger snapping) with a rival group of marathoners from the other side of the tracks, we decided to try something else.

Which brings us to our new and improved Marathon competition!  In this race to the finish we will collectively try to complete one cell in only 26.2 hours!  This competition demands a whole lot of cooperation and team spirit, and should be very rewarding for all involved.

Be at the starting line on February 20th at 9:47 PM EST. We won’t stop until midnight on February 22nd EST (or possibly sooner if we finish before then).  This is going to be quite the challenge!  But if we make it to the finish line we’ll be giving out crazy amounts of points to all involved!MarathonGrims

Points breakdown:

IF our cell is completed

  • Top ⅓ of all players will receive a gold badge and 20,000 points
  • Middle ⅓ of all players will receive a silver badge and 15,000 points
  • Bottom ⅓ of all players (must have completed at least 20 cubes to qualify) will receive a bronze badge and 10,000 points

So lets all join hands and tackle this cell together.  With a little luck and a lot of team work we can all cross the finish line together!

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