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The March Marathon is here!

There’s a certain feeling in the air… could it be a marathon? Why yes, yes it is! We’re ready for the March …

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HQ jumping to Daylight Savings

  Happy Saturday! This is your twice-yearly reminder that HQ is about to switch timezones, and thus some events may happen slightly …

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Eyewire Release Report 3/8/2019

Happy Friday! To give you a comprehensive picture of everything new on Eyewire, here are all changes since the last report a …

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Mystic Zebrafish Update

We’re about a year and a half into Mystic, an advanced tier of Eyewire gameplay that allows players to access zebrafish brains …

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Ashwin Answers Mystic Questions

@KrzysztofKruk asks: I wonder, what are those seemingly empty quasi-spherical structures, which we can see in some of the synapses. In some …

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Undersea Odyssey: Awards

We’re so glad you could join us for this celebration of all things aquatic and oceantastic! Thank you, Eyewirers, and congrats as …