Undersea Odyssey: Marathon Results!

marathon, Undersea Odyssey, Magnificent Manta, Eyewire, citizen science, Brax, Rika, Flyx, Syke, Lina, Nurro

Hip hip hooray! All the baby turtles are safely on their way. You finished the first 545-cube cell in 6 hours 44 minutes, and the second 356-cube cell in 6 hours 26 minutes.

Cubes will still be counted until Thursday 8 AM EST for your bonuses.

Another generation of sea life is beginning, just as our Undersea Odyssey comes to a close. Make sure to join us at 4 PM EST on Friday for awards and promotions, and in the meantime we’re glad you came along on our journey through this valuable, beautiful part of our planet Earth.

Don’t forget, too, to join us next week after Happy Hour, when we will rename the cells according to your votes! Players qualified to nominate a name or vote will receive e-mail(s) between Friday and Monday. For science!

marathon, Long and Winding Branch, Eyewire, citizen science, Undersea Odyssey, Syke