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D. Jones

Nurro, Eyewire, citizen science, neon, competition, winner

Congrats to Team Neon!

The colorful battle has drawn to a close, and the winner emerges: Team Neon! Congratulations to the bold and the beautiful, but …

Brax, Flyx, video games, competition, faceoff, Eyewire, citizen science

Neon vs. Pastel

Some of us have big, brash personalities, and some are all soft and subdued. In the color palette of life, you can …

Apollo 11, marathon, Eyewire, citizen science, Syke, cell name

July Marathon: Results!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! That’s a wrap, everyone. The July Marathon is over! This cell was completed in 10 hours 13 minutes, achieving a size …

lightning, storm, weather, meteorology, Eyewire, citizen science

Team Lightning wins!

With a mighty flash, the storm finishes, and Team Lightning is the last one standing! Congratulations to our winners, and congratulations to …

thunder, lightning, meteorology, citizen science, Eyewire, storm, weather

Stormy Weather: Thunder vs. Lightning

Do you love thunderstorms? Do you hate thunderstorms? Either way, they’re always quite the spectacle— and a great example of electromagnetic force …

Milky Way, galactic center, Sagittarius A*, Eyewire, citizen science, Nurro, astronomy, NASA, Great Galactic Voyage

Great Galactic Voyage: Awards

The Great Galactic Voyage is over! As our interstellar probe touches back down on Earth, we’ve managed to conveniently travel through just …