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D. Jones

marathon, Rika, Eyewire, citizen science

November Marathon: Results!

You’ve crushed it again, Eyewirers! Give yourselves a round of applause for reaching the end of this marathon. The official 1954-cube marathon …

HQ falls back to Standard Time!

As they say: winter is coming. Tomorrow, 11/3, HQ will be time-traveling from 2:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time back to 1:00 AM …

Casper, Halloween, Eyewire, citizen science, Grim's Trick or Treat, Daniela Gamba

Grim’s Trick or Treat: Team M wins!

That’s a wrap, everyone! Amidst the strewn-about jack o’lanterns, fabric cobwebs, and inflatable ghosts, one lawn display still remains gloriously spooky, with …