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Apollo 11, marathon, Eyewire, citizen science, Syke, cell name

July Marathon: Results!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! That’s a wrap, everyone. The July Marathon is over! This cell was completed in 10 hours 13 minutes, achieving a size …

lightning, storm, weather, meteorology, Eyewire, citizen science

Team Lightning wins!

With a mighty flash, the storm finishes, and Team Lightning is the last one standing! Congratulations to our winners, and congratulations to …

thunder, lightning, meteorology, citizen science, Eyewire, storm, weather

Stormy Weather: Thunder vs. Lightning

Do you love thunderstorms? Do you hate thunderstorms? Either way, they’re always quite the spectacle— and a great example of electromagnetic force …

Milky Way, galactic center, Sagittarius A*, Eyewire, citizen science, Nurro, astronomy, NASA, Great Galactic Voyage

Great Galactic Voyage: Awards

The Great Galactic Voyage is over! As our interstellar probe touches back down on Earth, we’ve managed to conveniently travel through just …