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Nurro, rainbow, Eyewire, citizen science, Wild World of Weather, meteorology, Daniela Gamba

Wild World of Weather: Awards

Short as it is, February is now nearly finished, and with it we’re finishing Eyewire’s Wild World of Weather! Whether you’re a …

Eyewire, citizen science, Nurro, Daniela Gamba, Wild World of Weather, meteorology

Wild World of Weather: Trivia

Are you already an amateur meteorologist? Do you have a passion for weather and climate? Now is your time to shine on …

Nurro, Wild World of Weather, meteorology, anemometer, Daniela Gamba, citizen science, Eyewire

Wild World of Weather: Hunt

It’s one thing to know what the weather will be like around your house tomorrow. It’s another thing entirely to forecast a …

Eyewire, citizen science, Hallow-Xmas, Nurro, Halloween, Xmas, holiday

Hallow-Xmas: Awards

Phew! Thus concludes Eyewire’s longest-ever competition… and the mighty juggernaut of the Cyber Santas has triumphed!!! We really hope you enjoyed this …

Eyewire, citizen science, Hallow-Xmas, Halloween, Xmas, holiday

Hallow-Xmas: Trivia

The skies have grown cloudy, and soon it might snow, With just one more round in this bracket to go! But before …