Eyewire Trivia Tourney

TriviaGrimBannerPut your thinking caps on, it’s time for some Eyewire trivia!

There’s going to be a whole party mix of Eyewire-based and general knowledge trivia coming at ya, so get ready to start shoveling it into that grey blobby thing that sits inside your skull.

Better be on your toes for this one!  We’re going to be throwing a new trivia question your way every two minutes for a whole hour!  The first three people to answer each question will get points.

  • Elbow the competition out of the way, you’re getting 300 points.
  • Take a second to think about it, here’s 200 points coming your way.
  • Get distracted by a pretty butterfly perched delicately on your window sill and let two other people pass you by, you’re still getting a little pocket change.  100 points.

If you oversleep or forget to push the power switch on your robot body, don’t fret!  We’re having not one, but 4 trivia competitions on two different days!

The first two trivia blocks will be on Thursday February 13th.  We’ll launch the first one at 10 AM EST, and run the second one at 10 PM EST.  

We’re repeating the process the following Thursday (February 20th), again at 10 AM and 10 PM EST.  

Our special new quiz bot “inquizitor” will be administering all questions.  To answer a question you have two options. You can simply type into chat your answer, but be wary as everyone else can see that response! If you’d like to be sneaky, you can also send a private message to the quiz bot by typing /msg inquizitor with your answer.  All answers should be short answers rather than sentences.  For example, if the question is “What color is the sky?”  Your answer should read /msg inquizitor blue.  *Not* /msg inquizitor The sky is the color blue.  It might seem like a speed disadvantage to type out /msg inquizitor for each message, but fear not, simply hit the up arrow on your keyboard, and the /msg inquizitor private message prompt will appear again.  See more about using chat commands here.

The bot will continue to receive answers until 3 correct guesses have been submitted, at which point it will display the correct answer in chat and lock out any new submissions.  If fewer than three correct answers are submitted the bot will lock down after 2 minutes and move on to the next question.  The bot will neither confirm nor deny whether any individual’s answer is correct, so be careful when typing yours out.  If you think your answer is incorrect, you may continue to change it until the end of the guessing period, or until the bot has received three correct guesses.  If you change a correct guess to an incorrect one before the bot has locked down you will not receive points for that guess.

Also, be on the lookout!  Every few hours throughout the Eyewire Games there may be a special trivia question for anyone with a hawk eye to get a jump on.  It could give you the edge you need to win the overall competition!

Badge winners will be determined by most points accumulated throughout all 4 competitions, and including the “pop-up” questions administered throughout the Games.

Now go iron out your smarty pants and get ready to drop some knowledge!

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