Eyewire Games Inagural Event! The Relay!

Get ready for the first event in the Eyewire Winter Games! By participating in these games you are paving the way for a new generation of Eyewire athletes. Go forth and attain some golden badges and some golden glory!

This is the Relay, so you’re going to need to find a few friends to compete with. Relay teams will consist of 3 players competing over 3 hours. You have 48 hours to complete your relay, but you MUST make sure that everyone on your team competes during the same 3 hour block. For example, let’s say that Karen wants to create a team with Jimmy and Jill. Karen will start at 3 PM and play for an hour. At 4 PM Jimmy will take over and play until 5 PM when Jill will step in and finish up by 6 PM. After the Relay finishes we will tally up the points Karen’s team accumulated between 3-6 PM and determine where her team ranks on the Relay leaderboard based on total team points.  Please make sure to show up on time!  However, if one or more of your teammates bail on you, we will allow you to reschedule.

The relay starts on Friday February 7th at noon and ends at noon on Sunday February 9th.  We have provided a spreadsheet for you to sign up and search for other players that can commit to the time block in which you want to compete. Please note that we are competing in Eastern Standard Time (EST) and remember to adjust accordingly when signing up for a Relay team.  If you’re having trouble forming a team you can list yourself on the recruitment sheet (page two of the spreadsheet, the tab is at lower left).  Good luck!


Points Breakdown!

So, what do you get for all the blood, sweat and tears you are about to pour into this fast paced relay? Points of course!

Members of the first place team will each receive 6000 bonus points. Second place will get 4000 each, and third will get 2000 each. We will also give an extra 1000 points for best team name!

Choose your teams wisely! Ready, set, grow!

And once again, sign up here!

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