Evil Cube Challenge

Sometimes in life the most abominable cubes from the most unspeakable places will rear their ugly heads in front of unsuspecting Eyewirers.  Usually this is the catalyst to many tears and much keyboard headbanging.PuzzlingGrim

But now is your chance to get back at those terrible horrible no good very bad cubes, and make a bit of a name for yourself in the process!

The Evil Cube challenge begins Monday, February 17th at midnight EST, and ends midnight on Sunday, February 23rd EST.  That gives you a whole week to carefully plan the demise of these trickster cubes.

At the start of the competition we will direct you toward the 6 cubes that the GrimReaper has determined are the most sinister, vile, and otherwise karmaically suspect.  From there you should zip up your most reinforced hazmat suit and go to work!

This isn’t a speed competition, so take your time.  Remember one wrong move and you’ll be saying “so long” to your perfect accuracy rating.

But for those who make it through unscathed, there are great rewards to be had.  Our highest scoring player will get 6,000 points and the gold badge, 4,000 points will go to the silver, and 2,000 to the bronze.  Every player who completes this challenge will also get a special bonus of 1000 points.

So get ready to chop out some mergers, sneak past new ones, and hunt down every last bouton you can find.  It’s time to go face-to-face with those evil cubes!  Let’s show them who’s boss!

P.S.  Find the error, or errors in the Evil Cube Challenge, and you shall win a surprise.  Mwahaha.

To play Evil Cubes, select “change cell” and Explore “Evil Cube Challenge”

EyeWIre Evil Cubes

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