The 24 Hour Ketta Competition, Coming April 21, 2013

Ketta Competition EyeWire

First there was the CrazyMan Challenge. Then there was the @a5hm0r Challenge. Now it’s time for the next chapter in EyeWire player generated competitons: Ketta — and the rules have changed.

On Sunday, April 21, 2013, EyeWire will launch its first 24 Hour Competition. The games begin at 12:01, just after the clock strikes midnight on Saturday. In the past we’ve declared winners immediately based on points. This time, per the suggestion of EyeWirer @ketta, three metrics factor into the winnings:

1. Score
2. Number of cubes submitted 
3. Accuracy


These will integrate to form a final score which will be revealed by Thursday, April 25, in order to give time to calibrate the accurace metric. Accuracy will hold the highest weight so practice up and check out the starburst tutorials on YouTube for a refresher on how to map the most challenging cells for up to 2,000 points per cube. If you haven’t passed the Starburst Challenge, get on it before Sunday! 1.5x points bonus


Winner receives 1.5x points earned during a 24 hour period. So if you scored 50,000 points and won, you would receive a 25,000 point bonus.Our current all-time daily high score is 110,641 from CrazyMan4865. The Ketta Competition may make this record fall.
2nd place player gets 1.3x points
3rd place gets 1.2x points.


Bonus round! Surpass these thresholds and receive a lofty reward. Bonuses are cumulative. Players who score over 20,000 points on Sunday receive a 15,000 point bonus! Bonuses are applied after the final round and will not factor into the total daily points earned by the Ketta Competition winners.
Earn 5,000 points on Sunday for a 1,000 point bonus
Earn 10,000 points for 4,000 point bonus.
Earn over 20,000 points and receive 10,000 bonus points!


All Time Top Daily Score eyewire CrazyMan4865 110k april 14 2013


More than points

The Ketta Competition marks a pivotal point in EyeWire history. We’re almost ready to submit a paper in a leading scientific journal. Before that happens, we need to complete all starburst synapses onto J Cell #1. We’re almost there! Only 17 more starburst branches remain and we must finish by Monday, April 22!

What’s next?

Much more remains to be discovered in EyeWire. Publishing is the first step and will serve to validate both our scientific accomplishments and the EyeWire community to neuroscience as a whole. For now, our focus is finishing this paper and getting it submitted.

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