A Walk Through the EyeWire Tutorials: Starburst Level (3 of 3)

Below is a set of Eyewire tutorial videos recorded by Rachel Prentki.  These 3 vids are the final in a set of blog posts explaining the tutorials. Here we focus on the notoriously challenging starburst neuron. Visit this page to see earlier sets of tutorial cubes.

Starburst 1

Learn how to trace a tricky Starburst Amacrine Cell.

Starburst 2

This video teaches you to trace a particularly tricky branch of a starburst amacrine cell. You’ll also pick up tips on how to navigate by using the 3D view

Starburst 3

Watch expert user rprentki guide you through a particularly tricky starburst amacrine cell. This is the final practice cube in the tutorial, after you’ve finished this you’ll graduate and move on to regular Eyewire.

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You’re invite you to create your own tutorial videos and tips and we will share them on our blog and Facebook page.  Here is an example by Dylan Holtz.

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