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How to Play Eyewire

Welcome to Eyewire, a game to map the brain! So you’ve just joined and the whole thing is a bit…overwhelming. We created …

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New Translations for Tutorial!

Our first tutorial now has captions in French, Italian, Polish and English!  Thanks to frabuleuse and Pozdrawiam for doing the translations. Soon …

EyeWIre overview

A Walk Through Eyewire

Watch the video and check out screenshots below for EyeWire 101 Check out more EyeWire tutorial walk-through videos here. EyeWire Overview The …

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How to get Better at Eyewire

Click your username in the top right corner of Eyewire to bring up your profile and reveal your accuracy. Your accuracy is called …

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There has been a lot of talk about F-scores in the chat recently. F-scores are a statistical method for determining accuracy accounting …

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Tutorial: How to Change Color

  EyeWire tutorial: change color by selecting the gear and toggling the “Paint Color” bar.   What’s your favorite neuron color?