A Walk Through the Eyewire Tutorials (1 of 3)

Below is a set of Eyewire tutorial videos recorded by Rachel Prentki. These 5 vids are the first of a set of three blog posts explaining the introductory tutorials. This also serves as a handy review tool.

Tutorial 1

Expert user @rprentki (Rachel Prentki from Seung Lab) works her way through the Eyewire tutorial She’ll guide you through the tricky bits, and you’ll pick up valuable tips along the way. In this first video you’ll learn the basics of Eyewire, how to play and what to look for. Good luck!

Tutorial 2

Learn what to do when you accidentally color outside the line. Also learn how to rely on the 3D to tell if something is correct.

Tutorial 3

Do you have trouble seeing the dark outline of the neurons through the color? There’s a trick for that! Holding down the ‘Shift’ key will temporarily take away the color, letting you more clearly see the outline of the cell.

Tutorial 4

Because you now have some experience under your belt we are going to scale back the amount of feedback you get. Starting with this cube, the pieces you color will no longer show up as red or green depending on whether they’re wrong or right. Don’t worry, you’ll still have the progress bar for a couple of cubes, and you’ll be able to see where you went wrong (or right!) for the duration of training. We scale back the feedback because once you’re done with training, and out in the wide world of Eyewire, you’ll be working on things that haven’t been done before, that we don’t have the answer to. In short, you’ll be doing something awesome: science!

Tutorial 5

Let an expert walk you through the cube and pick up some useful tips about using the 3D view. This is the last of the first-level tutorial cubes. After this you’ll graduate to practice cubes, you’ll still get feedback but you’ll no longer have the progress bar and you’ll start getting points.

Thanks for watching. Subscribe to the Eyewire YouTube channel for instant updates and check out our Tutorial Playlist for all the videos. You’re invite you to create your own tutorial videos and tips and we will share them on our blog and Facebook page.  Here is an example by Dylan Holtz.

Tutorial walk-through 2 of 3

Tutorial walk-through 3 of 3

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