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Gallery: Eyewire Art, 2018

By player request, here’s a gallery featuring all the Eyewire art from 2018! 2018 Versus Art 2018 Competition Weeks Every other month …

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December open promotions are here!

Hello Eyewirers! It’s time once again to promote a new class of Scouts, Scythes, Mystics, Mods, and Mentors! Between now and the end …

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Sparkling Chandeliers of Cortex

What’s in a brain? So many cells; such great variety! When it comes to neurons, they can be broadly categorized as either …

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Eyewire Brain Zoo: Awards

This concludes our journey through the Eyewire Brain Zoo.  Thanks to all who participated.  We hope you had fun and learned some …

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Aluminum Casting a Neuron

When you spend your days and nights looking at the beautifully intricate branches of neurons, sometimes it’s nice to take a break …