The Starbursts are calling. Are you up to the challenge?

The Starburst Challenge is back in EyeWire! And out of private beta, too!

Now open to anyone who’s up for a fight against the notoriously difficult starburst neurons.  Who should be interested?  Anyone interested in science, glory, and the double points  attached to the star cells.

Starburst Challenge EyeWire

Level 2: The Starburst Challenge

We’ve implemented a special Starburst Challenge. You must beat it in order to play star cells and unlock double points. Star players will receive special recognition in the appendix of a fourthcoming paper, as well get shoutouts on the EyeWire Blog and Facebook Page.

Here’s how it works.

Enter the challenge by selecting “Change Cell” (if you don’t know how to do this, you probably haven’t played enough to get past the challenge). Choose Starburst Challenge and start playing. You are now in the Starburst Challenge, which comes in two phases.

Phase 1: The A List

Beat this level by completing 6 cubes in a row with least at 90% accuracy. During this section, you will have a progress bar. You do not receive points during this phase. If you mess up, don’t worry, can keep going until you achieve success or die trying.

Phase 2: Star Superhero

Now you must complete 6 cubes in a row with at least 80% accuracy — without the progress bar. You receive points during this phase. Beat this level to become a Star Superhero and unlock double points plus the right to map star cells.

After you graduate from the tutorial, you are granted access to play the Star Neuron for double points.

Tips and Tricks.

Check out these helpful starburst tracing videos from Rachel at EyeWire HQ

Technical Probs? Type /debug into chat to identify the cube you’re on and send it to

If you passed the Starburst Challenge last week and are asked to do it again, let us know.  Or go through the tutorial again.

Game on.

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