EyeWire Countdown to 100K

Today is the final day of Revenge of IFLS on EyeWire. It’s also the beginning of our countdown to 100,000 EyeWirers.

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EyeWire’s one year anniversary is coming up on December 10th and we’re less than 2,500 people away from 100K players (remember our launch on J Day, when we surpassed 10,000 registered EyeWirers? aww). It’s been an amazing run — and this is only the beginning.

We’re not to 100K yet, though. To do it, we need your help! Share EyeWire, spread the word and recruit your friends. This is just another chance to make history. There seem to be a lot of these with EyeWire..

EyeWire, 100,000 players

We’ve come a long way over the past year, from completing our first cell (and later the first starburst, which would turn out to be the first cell mapped by gamers in a submitted scientific paper) to the EyeWire Games (check our original announcement and don’t forget the theatrical trailer); we’ve added challenges and numerous features including colors in EyeWire chat. We launched competitions and deployed level 2 with the Starburst Challenge.  EyeWire has been featured on NPR, in press ranging from WIRED to Forbes and awesomesauce media like IFLS, Vsauce and Sourcefed. Sebastian Seung was even named one of Business Insider’s sexiest scientists of 2012. Ohh yeah. And that’s just the first 6 months.

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So what’s next? Join us for an epic Hangout on Air with Sebastian Seung and EyeWire HQ on Thursday, Dec 12th at 3 pm US EST. He’ll delve into on the scientific importance of EyeWire mapping and give a sneak peak into the future of EyeWire. There may even be some surprises from HQ. You won’t want to miss it.

As always, thanks for playing and we’ll see you online at eyewire.org.

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