J Day Smashes EyeWire Records!

EyeWire’s Record Breaking J Day

On December 10th, 2012, EyeWire officially launched with J Day.  The Huffington Post announced J Day with a special feature story by Sebastian Seung.  Shortly thereafter the TED Blog called EyeWire “pioneering,” and Nature News referred to EyeWire as continuing “in the proud tradition of [protein folding game] Foldit.”  A number of prominent figures ranging from Carl Zimmer to Jane McGonigal also lent their voice to sharing J Day.

This picture below visualizes the EyeWire community’s progress over a 24 hour period.

J Day EyeWIre progress of mapping a J Cell neuron


J Day by the numbers

In just one day, EyeWirers completed an estimated one-third of the first J Cell on EyeWire!  (It’s an estimate because it’s hard to know how much of the cell remains until we’re actually done.)  This was much faster than we expected. Mapping the entire cell would take weeks for a professional neuroscientist.

EyeWire surpassed 10,000 players, ending J Day with a grand total of 10,477 EyeWirers.
Yesterday we had our busiest day ever, welcoming 855 new EyeWirers in addition to 570 new players who joined the previous day. In the past 48 hours, EyeWirers traced the J cell’s branches  through 5,388 cubes. (A cube represents a piece of the retina roughly 6 microns on a side.) 
neuron cookies, awesome cookies, geeky, neurons, EyeWire, science, cooking, cuteWe celebrated by enjoying these delightfully delicious neuron sugar cookies. Check out the EyeWire Launch Album on Facebook for more.

J Day marks the beginning of the J Campaign, a quest to map an entire J Cell in one week. Help us prove that gamers are a crucial part of the future of neuroscience by playing EyeWire.

We ask that you play EyeWire for 10 minutes each day and persuade friends to join EyeWire. Help spread the word by posting about EyeWire on Facebook, Twitter, your blog and sites like Reddit. Share screenshots of interesting or funny gameplay images on our Facebook Page and post questions in the forums.

EyeWire is the start of a revolution in neuroscience and we are thrilled to have you join us.

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