40,000 Players on EyeWire.org

40000 players on EyeWire

Wow! The EyeWire community is growing at a rapid pace.  Shortly after EyeWire’s official launch in December, we hit the 10,000 player mark.  Today, March 5th, just shy of 3 months later, we’re excited to share that the EyeWire community is now over 40,000 players strong — 43,000, to be exact!

Welcome to all our new players and thank you to all you veterans who are together changing the world of neuroscience. You are part of something extraordinary and it’s just the beginning! We look forward to discovering the secrets of the beautiful brain with you in months and years to come.

Resources for EyeWirers:

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How the EyeWire Point System Works + How We Get From One Cube to A Complete Neuron

You Are Smarter Than A Supercomputer: How your human brain makes decisions AI cannot + How EyeWire Data is Analyzed Behind the Scenes at EyeWire HQ



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