Business Insider Names Sebastian Seung Among World’s Sexiest Scientists :)

Here at EyeWire HQ we’re just a simple MIT Neuroscience Lab building a game to map the brain under the direction of theoretical physicist turned neuroscientist Sebastian Seung. Our fearless leader is more than just smart — according to Business Insider, he is among the world’d 50 Sexiest Scientists!

Check out the writeup below, complete with a shout out to EyeWire!

#14 Sebastian Seung

#14 Sebastian Seung

Photo courtesy of Sebastian Seung

Position: Computational neuroscientist, physicist, and professor of computational neuroscience

Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Education: Ph.D. in physics from Harvard; B.A. in physics from Harvard

Nationality: Korean-American

Dr. Seung is blazing a trail in the hot new field of connectomics, which studies the wiring of the brain in detail. His MIT lab is researching and inventing technologies that can identify the connections between the brain’s neurons. They’re planning to thin-slice a brain and trace each neural pathway from slice to slice, creating a map of the brain and a way to visualize how the mind works.

Fun fact: His lab has embraced citizen scientists through the development of a game called EyeWire, which asks users to analyze brain images as a apart of a 3D jigsaw puzzle.

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