Revenge of IFLS

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Can n00bie science fans can beat EyeWire elite? Only one way to find out..

In light of the recent IFLS post about EyeWire (and the hundreds of people who are now online), we’re launching a special competition pitting n00b IFLSers against veterans. Here’s how it will work:

7 day competition begins Tuesday (11/19) to Tuesday (11/26)

Fight for your team: IFLS vs Veterans

Winning team will be determined by most points scored by all players who have at least 80% accuracy.  Competition final accuracy will be announced on Tuesday 11/26. You MUST declare your team using the form below if you want your points to count.

Points scored during competition will be multiplied by a player’s accuracy (if >80%) and summed for each team, then a winning team will be declared.

We will release half way mark accuracy on either Wed or Thurs and periodic team standing stats.


  • If you did at least 250 cubes and your team wins, you win 10K and a 10% bonus of all the points you earned during the competition window.
  • Winning team gets to name a neuron (note there is already an IFLS neuron)

Change your color in chat by typing /team ifls or /team elite

neuron branches banner

Don’t forget to fill out the form below so your points count toward your team.

See you online at!

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