The EyeWire Games

The EyeWire Games begin on Feb 13th.

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How will The EyeWire Games work?

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The EyeWire Games are 7 days of team competition between Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Google+ and Team X (Veterans). The team that maps the most 3D neuron volume in one week receives the ultimate reward: neuron naming rights. 

Your team is the social network where you discovered EyeWire.

On Feb 13 at 3 pm US EST, the games begin.

Curious to learn more? Join Sebastian Seung and EyeWire HQ for a Google Hangout on Sat Feb 9 at 4 pm US CST.  RSVP here.

More Details

Beginning on Feb 13th, teams will each be given their own unique set of synapses from which to begin tracing. When you log into EyeWire, change cell view to the team of your choice. Also beginning Feb 13, you will be able to change the color of your name in chat to reflect your team simply by typing a special code which we will reveal once the games begin.

Teams will have 7 days (Feb13-20) to collectively map as much neuron volume as possible. After one week, we will compare volumes — the team that traces the most (excluding merge errors) wins an epic prize: neuron naming rights.

Declare your allegiance below and recruit new teammates to sign up for EyeWire.

In case you needed one more reason to bring your A Game on Wednesday, check out The EyeWire Games Official Trailer:

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