The EyeWire Games Hangout on Air with Sebastian Seung

EyeWire Logo SquareThe EyeWire Games are coming.

On Feb 13 at midnight, 5 teams race to trace neurons for the ultimate prize: naming rights.

Your team is the network where you discovered EyeWire. The EyeWire Games launch with 5 teams: Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Google+ or Team X for Veterans.

Join Sebastian Seung and EyeWire HQ for a Google+ Hangout on Air this Saturday, Feb 9 from 4:00 to 5:00 pm US EST.  RSVP here.

During the hangout, we’ll provide additional details about the competition and answer questions. Submit your questions ahead of time by commenting on the G+ event page.

In case you’ve missed our previous events, here’s a video of the most recent hangout, complete with an animated GIF of Sebastian Seung dancing, created by EyeWirer Dylan Christopher Holtz.

See you Saturday!

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