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Neuroscience Livechat

Now that we’ve completed the Countdown to Neuropia, what have we discovered? Get the latest in a science hangout on air with …

PBS Learning Media, EyeWire

EyeWire Hangout with PBS | Feb 5

Google Hangout On Air for Students & Educators: I’m Inspired to Innovate! Wednesday, February 5, 2014 at 1:00pm EST | Free event for middle & …

eyewire geek week banner youtube

The YouTube Geek Week Games in EyeWire

Congratulations to the Geek Week Gamers! It’s a wrap. Together, you completed 4 complete neurons (a new record!) and 53,874 cubes. During the Geek …

EyeWire Hangout on Air Screenshot

An EyeWire Hangout on Air

Will and I hosted an EyeWire Hangout on Air to debut never before seen images, videos and graphics!