That Time EyeWire Hung Out with Google Science Fair

google science fair

That time we hung out with Google and rockstar Dr. Joe and talked gaming and mapping the brain. You might remember it. In case you don’t, below check out a 30 min video featuring yours truly being interviewed by Joe Hanson of PBS’s It’s Okay To Be Smart and WIRED Magazine with a number of young science geniuses for Google Science Fair. If you’re into being smart, like Joe is, check out a hangout I’m hosting with him on July 23rd about awesome science.

You’ll definitely want to join Will and I for an EyeWire Hangout on Air July 17 at 3 PM US ET. This will be a general intro to EyeWire. We will also take lots questions from the crowd so leave yours on the event page. Should be fun (we love Google+ Hangouts!)

Anyway, here’s our Hangout with Google Science Fair. Be sure to add EyeWire on Google+ if you haven’t already.

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