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EyeWire’s 1 Year Bday Hangout

That’s a wrap! Check out today’s hangout on air with Sebastian Seung in honor of EyeWire’s 1st birthday. We discussed discovering new …

EyeWire Hangout on Air Screenshot

An EyeWire Hangout on Air

Will and I hosted an EyeWire Hangout on Air to debut never before seen images, videos and graphics!  

EyeWire Heatmap Demo

@a5hm0r asked to see the EyeWire admin heatmap view. We obliged by hosting an impromptu Google+ hangout on air. The heatmap shows …

EyeWire Logo Square

CELLebration Recap

Thanks to everyone who joined the EyeWire CELLebration Hangout on Dec 15! We had such a great time that we’ve decided to …