EyeWire Google+ Hangout on Air: Tomorrow

neurons discovered by eyewirers

Join EyeWire HQ for a Google+ Hangout on Air tomorrow, July 17th, at 3 pm US ET!

What’s it like to build a game to map the brain at MIT?

Did you know that it takes the best neuroscience labs in the world over 50 hours to reconstruct one neuron? One cell! There are over 84 billion in just one human brain. In order to exponentially advance neuroscientific progress, +Sebastian Seung ‘s Computational Neuroscience Lab at MIT has built +EyeWire , a game to map the brain. Anyone can play — and you need no scientific background.

Over 70,000 players from 130+ countries already do. These gamers mapping the 3D structure of neurons and discover never before seen neural networks that are fundamentally changing our understanding of the science of vision. Over time, the collective actions of players will train advanced artificial intelligence to more rapidly reconstruct neural networks from image data, thus solving one of today’s biggest bottlenecks in the field of neuroscience.

Join +Amy Robinson and +William Silversmith , Creative Director and Head Developer, respectively, from EyeWire HQ for a Q&A including a progress report and previously unreleased stats! We may even debut an animation of the cells discovered by gamers.

Leave your questions on the event page and you may be selected to join us on the hangout!

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