Behind the Scenes of EyeWire for YouTube #GeekWeek

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YouTube GEEK WEEK is coming and we’re opening up our doors to the world!

We’re excited to invite all geeks to tour EyeWire HQ aka MIT’s Seung Lab of Computational Neuroscience!

Join us for a hangout on air on Thursday, Aug 8 at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET and check out our fridge full of brains; see an electron microscope in action; learn what the heck an ultramicrotome is and talk with scientists and developers about the 150,000+ lines of code that make EyeWire, the game that anyone, anywhere can play to contribute to neuroscience research. Over 70,000 people from 130 countries already do — join the community and be a part of a revolution in neuroscience at!

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