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Gallery: Eyewire Art, 2018

By player request, here’s a gallery featuring all the Eyewire art from 2018! 2018 Versus Art 2018 Competition Weeks Every other month …

eyewire, versus, citizen-science, grinch, grimch, fruitcake, aspic

The Grimch: Fruitcake vs Aspic

The holiday feeling was getting quite hearty And HQ was throwing a holiday party! All employees were bringing in holiday treats. Cookies …

grimch, christmas, fun, competition, science

The Grimch: Trivia

The time to play trivia was coming quite near And the Grimch wanted something to inspire fear. The most dastardly trivia, it …

grimch, christmas, fun, competition, science

The Grimch: Evil Cubes

The Grimch was pondering, thinking hard with his noggin, What mean thing could he make for players who log in? He hatched …

grimch, christmas, fun, competition, science

How the Grimch stole Eyewire

Every player in Eyewire liked tracing a lot, But the reaper, who lived beneath Eyewire, did not. The Grimch hated tracing, the …