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Eyewire Museum Marathon

Wednesday, April 24 @ 8 AM ET – Thursday, April 25 @ 8 AM ET Swag: The top player (defined by number of points earned …

art, art history, competition, fun, art style, art movement

Eyewire Museum: Evil Cubism

Evil Cubism: Saturday, April 20 @ 12 AM ET –  April 25 @ 12 PM ET Swag (generously sponsored by @susi): The top …

eyewire, art, art contest, neurons, competition

Eyewire art competition!

  Do you love art? Are you excited about our newest art history themed competition Night at the Eyewire Museum? Now you …

art, art history, competition, fun, renaissance art

Night at the Eyewire Museum

As long as humans have been alive they’ve been making art! Creativity is a part of the human experience. Even before Homo …

potato, tomato, vs, competition, fun, fruit, vegetable, tuber

Tomato vs Potato: Tomatoes win!

It was a delicious and nutritious battle, but in the end one food stood victorious. Congrats to team tomato, this weeks winner! …

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Gallery: Eyewire Art, 2018

By player request, here’s a gallery featuring all the Eyewire art from 2018! 2018 Versus Art 2018 Competition Weeks Every other month …