A New Starburst Neuron is Complete!

Starburst Neuron Complete in EyeWire

Way to go! EyeWirers finished a new Starburst Neuron, bringing the grand total to 28 neurons!

Check it out in the video below or sign in on EyeWire and select “Starburst 123.”  Today marks the beginning of the EyeWire + YouTube Geek Week Games, a 7 day challenge to players all over the world to map like champions for a week to make history. Complete over 50 cubes and you win voting rights to name each neuron completed during the games. Complete 100 cubes to submit a neuron name. In addition to the eyewire challenges, this week we’ll debut never before seen animations, images, swag and host live neuroscience hangouts on air via our Google+ page.

We’ll see you online at EyeWire.org!

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