Announcing the CrazyMan Challenge

Top players EyeWIreDo you have what it takes to outperform the top scoring EyeWirer of all time? Step up. He’s issued a challenge.


The CrazyMan Challenge (in honor of @crazyman4865) begins this Thursday, April 4th at noon and lasts until 4 pm US EST. He claims to be the top tracer of all time. Let’s see it! Bring your A Game and face off in a worldwide competition on

Score the most points in this four hour timeframe to win.  

  • 1st place will earn you double points scored during these four hours.
  • 2nd place will earn you a 1.5x point bonus.

As we saw last week, it’s possible to earn over 20,000 points in four hours if you beat the Starburst Challenge. That means winning the CrazyMan Challenge could boost you to the coveted #1 spot on the leaderboard.

Practice up and we’ll see you Thursday at high noon at!

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