Announcing the Winners of the Ketta Competition!

Ketta WIns Ketta Competition

Results are in and records are broken! Congrats to KETTA for winning the Ketta Competition on EyeWire! 2nd place goes to @jamiexq and @buco comes in 3rd! After the bonuses, @buco has taken the lead for All-Time Top Daily Score in EyeWire! Tight game — @buco came out with the lead only 88 points in front of @ketta! Full leaderboard available here (with complete description below) and check out other visualized stats on this post.

Note that 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners received 1.5, 1.3 and 1.2x 24h points scored followed by a 13,500 bonus for scoring over 20,000 points.

Buco New ALl Time Top Daily Score EyeWire

Many scores are so high that we’ve redone the EyeWire All-Time Top Daily Leaderboard! New scores from the Ketta Competition are highlighted in blue.

New EyeWire Top Daily Score highlights 4.25.13 NEW

How do we determine winners?

First we look at volume added by each player. We separate out this number into Positive  Volume (“PV” i.e. correct volume), False Negative (“FN,” i.e. volume that should have been added but wasn’t – these are missed branches) and False Positive (“FP,” i.e. volume added that should not have been — this is where mergers come from).

We calculated total positive volume added during the 24 Hour Ketta Competition and determined what percentage of this volume was added by each player. Ketta and Jamiexq had the highest numbers, with 7.6% and 7.4% respectively. This % PV was multiplied by the EyeWire accuracy metric: the F-Score.

The F-Score is a combination of precision and recall.

Precision is how much volume was accurately added.  It is calculated as follows:

precision = (PV) / (PV + FP)

Recall is a metric of how much volume was missed. This is particularly important for Starburst neurons, as volume missed tends to lead to missing branches that don’t spawn new cubes. It is calculated as follows:

recall = (PV) / (PV + FN)

This leads to F-Score:

F-Score = 2 * (precision * recall) / (precision + recall)

To determine the winners of the Ketta Competition, we multiplied

Final Score = (FScore) * (% PV)

If you were among the 52 players who scored at least 5,000 points during the Ketta Competition, you will see for the first time your F-Score Accuracy metric, as well as your cube count during the games on the full stats page.

EyeWirer @nkem was the most accurate player who submitted at least 100 starburst cubes, with a final F-Score of 96.52%.

@Jinbean had the highest F-Score above 250 cubes, coming in at 95.22%.


Winners received epic prizes that amounted to remixing EyeWire’s all-time Top daily Score leaderboard! To refresh, here were the bonuses:

Score over 5,000 points and get +1,000 | Score over 10,000 and get +3,500 | Score over 20,000 and win +13,500 points


Bonuses during ketta competition

With these bonuses, here are the final Sunday Scores of our Top Ketta Challenge Contenders. Bold scores indicate a new all-time Top Daily Score.

ketta           118,719
jamiexq      105,560
buco           118,807
a5hm0r       95,343
jinbean       54,320
susi             48,918
coherent     42,104
furball13     39,260
rillabee        42,116
ccolbert       47,153
deborahj     38,520
couc             39,264
bigbiff          20,588
galarun        22,003
logicality      21,734
nkem            34,790
reb1618       18,882
charleskoch  34,632
dhill23          35,316

Congrats to everyone who participated! We had a great time and are stoked to remind you that during the Ketta Competition we completed the EyeWire’s first dataset!

We’ve now moved on to a new challenge: finding a new cell type! We don’t know if we will actually find one; however, the only way to find out is to map all the ganglion cells in the dataset. Learn more here.

Stay tuned for more challenges — we plan to start hosting a weekly competition!  See you online at

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