Gallery: Eyewire Art, 2018

By player request, here’s a gallery featuring all the Eyewire art from 2018!

2018 Versus Art

2018 Competition Weeks

Every other month Eyewire hosts a week-long series of special events. Special competitions include Accuracy Happy Hours, Trivia, Hunt or Evil Cubes, special Versus, Marathon, and a closing ceremony. Thanks to player @susi, we are able to give away free swag from our society6 shop to top players in these games. Take a walk down memory lane with the art from 2018’s Majors. All illustrations are by Daniela Gamba with Creative Direction by Amy Sterling.

Winter Games

Theme and story by Devon Jones.

The 2018 Winter Olympics were held in PyeongChang. You know what that means… time to bring back the Eyewire Games! The 3rd Eyewire Games featured events like a Luge Hunt and a classic downhill throwdown of Skiing vs Snowboarding. It may be winter but you needn’t bundle up. The competition is hot!

Alice in Neuroland

Theme and story by Devon Jones. I’m late for a very important date!

The art from this competition holds a special place in our hearts as it parallels the journey of visual information processing in the brain, drawing direct inspiration from the structures of retina, LGN (lateral geniculate nucleus, the part of the brain that relays visual information from retina to cortex), and cortex itself. My favorite pieces of the year are in this competition. The Mad Hatter Tea party art features a fantastical chandelier that is inspired by an actual chandelier cell of cortex. The art from the brain forest with little glowy bundles of grape-like things in the trees draws inspiration from the actual synaptic structure of retinal ganglion cell axons when they synapse onto cells of the LGN.

Eyewire Cup

This special international bracketed team competition ran in parallel with the 2018 World Cup! Players from around the world competed for their countries. Ultimately, camaraderie won out over national pride as power players joined Antarctica, the only country that is 100% researchers, and won out over Egypt for the title. Winning team members received a very special swag: custom engraved gold medals.

Eyewire Brain Zoo

Theme and story by Celia David and Amy Sterling. Check it out.

In summer of 2018 we teamed up with Zoo New England and MassArt to produce a special series of illustrations that highlight the amazingness of animal brains. The posters from this competition will be on display at Franklin Park Zoo, a part of Zoo New England, in Summer 2019. Check out the full posters at


Grim’s Haunted Carnival

Theme and story from the fantastic brain of Devon Jones. Reminisce if you dare!

In October, Grim Reaper called upon Eyewirers to test his latest conjuring: a Haunted Carnival. This is no regular carnival.. Its special events put players’ tracing skills on trial and struck fear into the hearts of even the most talented Eyewirer. Grim also held a neuromonster coloring contest, which was won by Oreliel. You can check out all the submissions here. Luckily all least until next year!

How The Grimch Stole Eyewire

A holiday epic from who else but Celia David. Fantastic illustrations by Daniela Gamba.

Every player in Eyewire liked tracing a lot,
But the reaper, who lived beneath Eyewire, did not.
The Grimch hated tracing, the whole tracing season!
Now, please don’t ask why, no one quite knows the reason.

It could be that his scythe wasn’t polished just right,
It could be, perhaps, that his cloak was too tight.
But I think that the most likely reason of all,
May have been that his brain was two sizes too small.

Read on here.

That’s a wrap for competition art 2018. We’ve got plenty more in store for 2019. In fact, this blog comes on the eve of the announcement of the theme for the first Challenge Week of 2019! Just wait until you see the fantastically imaginative ideas that have been brewing in the brains of Devon and Celia!

We hope you enjoy the randomness, lightheartedness, and touches of learning these events and their art bring to Eyewire. Thank you so much for joining us for this wild ride. For science!