Neuromonster Coloring Contest Gallery

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The Neural Reef by Oreliel

Congratulations to The Neural Reef for winning the Halloween Neuromonster Coloring Contest! This coloring by Anna-Marie features the Axonal Angler.

1st place: Neural Reef by Oreliel

2nd place: Onhyro’s Axonal Angler

3rd place: SpookyGrowly’s Glia Monster

We also have a few honorable mentions.

Neuromonster Republic: Atani

Won for most creative coloring and best non-human entries.

Science Party Monster: susi

Those neuromonsters are ready to hit the dance floor. Won for best neuroscience-inspired entries.

Just because the contest is over doesn’t mean the coloring has to stop. You can access the coloring book pages forever here.

Check out the gallery to see all the beautiful submissions. Thanks for tracing and coloring. For science!