The Eyewire Winter Games return!

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Remember the first Eyewire Winter Games? That was all the way back in 2014, coinciding with the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. Actually, that’s so long ago that many Eyewirers of today hadn’t yet joined! For those who don’t remember, then: it wasn’t our first ever challenge week, but it was an early one, and in fact it lasted two whole weeks. Reminisce here!

We’ve come a ways since that time, and it’s quite an achievement for a citizen science game to last long enough to revisit a four year old competition! HQ would love it if you joined us for a sleeker, snowier, stylin’ Eyewire Winter Games, starting on February 16th and coinciding this time with the XXIII Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang. We are pleased and proud to light our own flame of competition for 2018; join the Heroes and suit up for the following events!

Eyewire, citizen science, Winter Games, Olympics, Syke

*All times are Eastern Standard Time (EST).*

Accuracy Biathlon

First session runs from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM on Friday 2/16
Second session runs from 10:00 PM to midnight on Friday 2/16

Just like the Olympic biathlon, you’ve got two Happy Hours to travel as fast as you can but also to balance that speed with accurate target practice. Can you manage both?

eyewire, logo, tee, swagSwag: Most accurate player completing at least 20 cubes wins 1 t-shirt and 1 sticker sheet! Second and third place each also win sticker sheets. (And thanks to @susi for sponsoring this year’s swag again!)

1st Place Accuracy – 10,000 points
2nd Place Accuracy – 8,000 points
3rd Place Accuracy – 6,000 points
Achieve 95% Accuracy – 5,000 points
Achieve 90% Accuracy – 3,000 points
Achieve 80% Accuracy – 2,000 points
1,000 points for anyone under 80% who still plays at least 20 cubes in either slot.
(These bonus thresholds are non-cumulative, i.e. they will not combine. If you earn 3rd place, for instance, and presumably got over 95% accuracy, you still earn a 6,000 point bonus, not 11,000.)


Begins at 12:00 AM (midnight) on Saturday 2/17
Ends at 12:00 PM (noon) on Thursday 2/22

The luge track is overrun with false extensions that lead to dead ends… that is, mergers! It’s up to you to identify the bad bits.

Swag: The top scoring player will win 1 mug and 1 sticker sheet! Second and third place each also win sticker sheets.

Each merger found – 1,000 points
7,500 additional points if all 12 are found
200 point bonus available on each merger to the player whose guess is closest
250 point bonus available to any player who guesses within 10 voxels of a merger

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Begins at 11:00 AM on Sunday 2/18
Continues until 11:00 AM on Tuesday 2/20
Finishes with Power Hour from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM on Tuesday 2/20

In this figure skating competition, style helps, but our judge bot scores mostly on technical prowess. To impress, you must call upon your deepest information reserves regarding neuroscience and winter sports!

Swag: The top scoring player will win 1 mug and 1 sticker sheet! Second and third place each also win sticker sheets.

For every question —
1st to answer – 300 points
2nd to answer – 200 points
3rd to answer – 100 points

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Skiing vs. Snowboarding

Begins at 11:00 AM on Tuesday 2/20
Ends at 11:00 AM on Wednesday 2/21

One’s been an Olympic staple for generations, but the other requires an impressive skill set in its own right. Which do you prefer?

Swag: 1 shirt, 1 mug, and 3 sticker sheets will be raffled among the top 50% of players on the winning team!

Earn 5,000 points – 2,500 bonus
Earn 15,000 points – 5,000 bonus
Earn 25,000 points – 10,000 bonus
Every additional 25,000 points – 5,000 bonus
Winning team – 10,000 bonus
Team winner – 5,000 bonus
#1 overall score – 10,000 bonus
#2 overall score – 5,000 bonus
#3 overall score – 2,500 bonus

Speed Skating Marathon

Begins at 8:00 AM on Wednesday 2/21
Ends at 8:00 AM on Thursday 2/22

And they’re off! In this concluding event you will have 24 hours to complete one cell (perhaps two!) and race to play as many cubes as you can handle.

Swag: 1 shirt, 1 mug, 1 poster, and 3 sticker sheets will be raffled among the top 25% of participating players!

Complete 20 cubes – 2,000 point bonus
Complete 50 cubes – 5,000 point bonus
Complete 150 cubes – 20,000 point bonus
Complete 300 cubes – 40,000 point bonus
For every 150 cubes above 300 cubes – 2,500 points

If the cell is completed within 24 hrs, those mappers who:

  • Complete at least 50 cubes will win rights to vote on a new name for the marathon cell.
  • Complete at least 200 cubes will win rights to nominate a new name for the marathon cell.

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Eyewire Winter Games Closing Ceremony

Begins at 4:00 PM on Friday 2/23

Come celebrate the end of this competition, where admins will recognize everyone’s achievements. As always, we will include a round of promotions for Scouts, Scythes, Mystics, Moderators, and Mentors. If you’d like a promotion, you can request them here.

Artwork by Daniela Gamba