Congratulations Crazyman!

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Once upon a time a YouTube channel called SourceFed made a funny video about EyeWire. A person in Bulgaria who calls himself crazyman saw this video and signed up for the game. Over the course of several months, @crazyman4865 proceeded to break EyeWire top daily score not once or twice but four times. He set new records for most cubes completed in a day and also catalyzed the first player-generated competition, the CrazyMan Challenge, which a5hm0r won.

crazyman leaderboardToday crazyman vied for a new challenge linked with EyeWire OnFire (week 1 update coming soon). He played for 24 hours straight!! And beat two records!

New cube record: 2,000 in 24h

Top Daily Score of All Time: 168,452


It wasn’t all a one man show. Jinbean says of the event that “we are a community and came to be sure he had enough cubes, to give him moral support, and watch crazy be crazy. He’s only in High School!” Over the course of 24 hours, 6 players completed over 200 cubes, ensuring that crazyman didn’t literally map all the available cubes in the game. Kudos to @galarun, @jinbean, @tek50, @tiikerikani and @melodybuford for reaching the 200 cube mark and winning a 1000 point bonus.

Many players popped in throughout the day to encourage crazyman and @dataminerstarr even mounted a last hour chat countdown while others provided entertainment to keep him from falling asleep.

EyeWire as a community completed 5,712 cubes. 4,576 of those cubes were starbursts.

We’ll wait to see accuracy on Monday and if crazyman gets over 80% he will receive a 10,000 point bonus. Either way, as Steve Jobs once said, here’s to the crazy ones!

Oh and some players have words of congrats for you crazyman 🙂

<jinbean>buckets of fun!

<jamiexq>SpongeBob Square Pants would be proud (cubes)

oh and around 1 am @tek50 came back online and said


<tek50>DID CRAZY DO IT??????

<amy>tek he did it!

<tek50>HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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