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EyeWire OnFire: a race to the finish

We’re in the home stretch of the first paper that includes research findings generated from neurons mapped in EyeWire! If you, great EyeWirer, have completed starburst cubes, then you will be listed in the appendix of that paper.  The # of cube submissions will determine your rank in the list. Fret not — there’s still time to level up.

We must complete 8 more starburst neurons. EyeWire OnFire is a race to map them and make history. Check the cube leader board here.

This challenge is based on cubes submitted per week. And it’s sequential. Complete x number of cubes per week until we finish all 8 starbursts to claim your bounty. Here are your milestones:

50 cubes per week wins 25K bonus

100 cubes per week wins 50K bonus

500 cubes per week wins 200K bonus

Per @crazyman4865’s request we’ve added a 1,000 cube per week division. Do you have what it takes? Complete the challenge for 500K points.

Bonuses will be awarded after we complete the starbursts.

One week is not enough to rule them all. Contending players must maintain a minimum weekly cube count throughout the duration of sprint.

Accuracy counts, too.

Players in the 100, 500 and 1,000 cubes/wk categories are eligible for weekly accuracy bonus. If your F-Score bar is blue (>95% accurate) you’ll automatically earn +5,000 points each week. On top of that, the player with the highest F-Score each week wins an additional 5K.

We’re working on a profile based recognition system — players who successfully complete the challenge will receive a future special eyewire onfire icon. Graphic to be revealed…

Good luck – the games begin on Sunday after the clock strikes midnight (that’s 12:01 am on Sunday morning).

You got this.

We’ll see you online at eyewire.org.

EyeWire OnFire, OnFire, EyeWire, citizen science, science design, neuroscience, neurons, crowd source,

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