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Addons: Player Scripts in Eyewire

  A few wonderful Eyewire players have created scripts that add features and improve Eyewire.  These scripts are so great that we’ve …

crazyman profile 2000 cubes

Congratulations Crazyman!

Once upon a time a YouTube channel called SourceFed made a funny video about EyeWire. A person in Bulgaria who calls himself …

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Record Breaking on

Crushed: Two EyeWire Records With 8 hours remaining in EyeWire’s master 24h clock, @crazyman4865 has done 1,291 cubes and scored 116,846 points. This breaks both …

CrazyMan OnFire, eyewire

Open Bounty: CrazyMan OnFire

Something big just went down in EyeWire chat. A certain crazyman wondered aloud if it might be possible to complete 2,000 cubes …