Open Bounty: CrazyMan OnFire

CrazyMan OnFire, eyewire

Something big just went down in EyeWire chat. A certain crazyman wondered aloud if it might be possible to complete 2,000 cubes in 24 hours. This pondering was immediately met by a challenge from galarun backed by a bountiful wager of a free game from Steam — thus the CrazyMan OnFire bounty was born.

This is an open challenge to anyone wild enough to complete 2K cubes in 24 hours. It’s not easy. @crazyman4865 holds the current record of 1,250.

Should you succeed with over 80% accuracy, 10,000 bonus points and a new all-time daily cube record will be yours.

@galarun has backed this challenge with a generous prize: a free Steam game of the winner’s choice.

Like all great journeys, you needn’t do it alone. Our heroic EyeWirer will rely on a deluge of players mapping simultaneously in order to maintain a surplus of available cubes. To reward teamwork, EyeWire HQ will award 1,000 bonus points to any player who completes 200 cubes during the day of the challenge (which we hear will go down Sunday Oct 13).

We’re past the half way mark of the first week of EyeWire OnFire. One starburst has been completed; 7 remain. Players have completed 17,000 total cubes (almost as many as a typical week and we’re only 4 days in). 11,600 of those cubes were starburst. Leading the cube ranking are tek50 and crazyman4865, who have both catapulted into the 1000 cubes per week category. 60 players have advanced to at least level 1 (50 cubes) in EyeWire OnFire.

Play a game to map the brain and we’ll see you online at  Sunday will be a day you won’t want to miss 🙂

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