New All Time Top Daily Score, Records Galore!

new all time top score crazyman eyewire 5.24.2014, eyewire

Yesterday was a crazy day on EyeWire! Two players surpassed 100K points, @Emeraldstar got a fun score of 777,777 points, @Nseraf reached 7 million and @crazyman4865 took back the record for all time top daily score with 126,639 points.

Records, more and more!

Last week @Nseraf beat the all-time top weekly score, bumping it up to 545K points. Think that’s impressive? Our previous top monthly score, 1.4M held by @twister2, was just surpassed by @Nseraf, who has already scored 1.75M points and has 6 days remaining to reach his goal and new record of 2M in one month.

Check out the EyeWire Record Book for a full repository of top EyeWire feats.

Congratulate the champions on EyeWire and join us tomorrow for special Memorial Day Happy Hours!

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