Competitions: The Master Guide

eyewire competitions, eyewire, competition iconFor some time now, Eyewire has been holding competitions. Here is an overview of competition formats, how to participate, and past competition results. Feel free to keep this post bookmarked so you can check something if you’re confused, or should you simply need to answer the burning question of who won the great battle of T-Rex vs. Velociraptor.

VS Competitions

Each VS competition is held every other week from Thursday at 11:00 AM Eastern to Friday at 11:00 AM Eastern. When signups are running, select a team in your notification popup, then you’ll be registered; you can change teams up until the competition has actually started. Averaged points per player are how we determine which team wins.

Happy Hour

These weekly challenges began by happening every Friday from 2:00 to 4:00 PM Eastern. Learn the full rules here. We then added Happy Hour 180 on Thursdays for our players on the opposite side of the globe from HQ; Happy Hour 180 runs from 8:00 to 10:00 AM Eastern. And now, most recently, we have added HH3 (“Happy Hour Cubed”) on Fridays for those folks playing Eyewire from 10:00 PM to midnight Eastern. Enrollment for all of these events is automatic.


Every month there is a 24-hour period for all Eyewirers to focus together on speed-growing one cell and then finishing as many other existing cells as possible. This falls somewhere in the second half of the month, most often the fourth or fifth Wednesday but sometimes the third. In odd-number months, marathons start at 8:00 PM Eastern, while in even-number months, they start at 8:00 AM Eastern. You receive bonuses based on how many cubes you trace. Enrollment for this event is automatic.

Challenge Weeks

Every couple of months, we hold a series of thematically linked challenges with a simple storyline behind them. This began with the Eyewire Winter Games to commemorate the 2014 Winter Olympics, eventually followed by the Chemical Z competition for Halloween that year. With the help of our own players, we have now developed these events into more regular occurrences. These competitions typically take place in the lead-up to our player promotions. Challenge events usually include an Accuracy Happy Hour, The Hunt (or Evil Cubes), Trivia, a VS Challenge, and a Marathon. The last two events work just like they always do, but the first few only happen during challenge weeks.

  • Accuracy Happy Hours: When Eyewire holds an Accuracy Happy Hour, the time window and basic points-based bonuses are the same as for a normal Happy Hour. However, additional bonuses can be earned based on how accurately players trace during the time window.
  • The Hunt: HQ launches a special cell with 12 mergers; players have 24 guesses to send a chat bot about where they think the mergers are located. Bonuses are allocated based on how many mergers a player finds and how close their coordinates were. Full Hunt rules and guidelines can be found here. A few Scythes typically assist with preparing the Hunt cell. Note that this event only takes place in February, June, and October.
  • Evil Cubes: HQ launches two special sets of 12 cubes apiece; all the cubes are moderately to highly tricky to trace with 100% accuracy, hence the designator “evil.” Bonuses are allocated based on a player’s most accurate performance between either set of cubes. A few Scouts and Scythes typically assist with collecting cubes deemed suitably “evil.” Note that this event only takes place in April, August, and December.
  • Trivia: For just over 48 hours, a chat bot asks questions on the hour (and every two minutes in the last hour). These questions may be about neuroscience, other science topics, Eyewire facts, or topics related to the challenge week’s theme. Bonuses are allocated based on the first three players to answer correctly, or in the case of numerical questions, how close to the correct number someone guessed.

Bracketed Competitions

With the beta Eyewire Cup in 2014 and a full-blown version in 2018, we have experimented in how to compete with brackets just like for sporting events. This may become a more regular event in the future.

Past VS Competitions

This section was last updated in December 2018.

1. Zombies vs. Vampires — Winner: Zombies
2. Dino Duel: T-Rex vs. Velociraptor — Winner: Velociraptor
3. Lore of Kor: Thana Republic vs. Kai Suzerain — Winner: Thana Republic
4. Spoon vs. Fork Culinary Takedown — Winner: Spoon
5. Grumpy Cat vs. Doge Much Challenge — Winner: Doge
6. Houses of Hogwarts — Winner: Hufflepuff
7. Happy Hunting: Alien vs. Predator — Winner: Predator
8. Polar Bears vs. Panda Bears: a Beary Adorable Competition — Winner: Panda Bears
9. Rock, Paper, Scissors, Compete! — Winner: Paper
10. The Epic Sci Fi Duel: Star Wars vs. Star Trek — Winner: Star Wars
11. Wizard Throwdown: Dumbledore, Gandalf, and Merlin — Winner: Merlin
12. Frankenstein vs. Dracula: Fight of the Living Dead (part of Chemical Z) — Winner: Frankenstein
13. Retinal Rivalry: Rods vs. Cones — Winner: Rods
14. Thanksgiving Food Fight: Turkey vs. Mashed Potatoes vs. Cranberry Sauce — Winner: Mashed Potatoes
15. Scrooge vs. Grinch vs. Krampus — Winner: Krampus
16. The Classic: Batman vs. Superman — Winner: Superman
17. Achilles vs. Hector: A Challenge for the Hero of Heroes (part of Titan Wars) — Winner: Hector
18. Sea Cucumber vs. Couch Potato — Winner: Couch Potato
19. A Dangerously Sweet Challenge: Tell-Tale Hearts vs. Candy Hearts — Winner: Candy Hearts
20. Lab Rats vs. Guinea Pigs: A Very Scientific Competition — Winner: Lab Rats
21. Subatomic Scuffle: Protons vs. Neutrons vs. Electrons — Winner: Electrons
22. Cinderella vs. Kongji — Winner: Kongji
23. Bigfoot vs. Nessie (part of The Great Spring Creature Feature) — Winner: Bigfoot
24. Ye Gods! Asgard vs. Olympus — Winner: Asgard
25. Mr. T versus Ice-T… versus… Arnold Palmer — Winner: Arnold Palmer
26. Superhero Showdown: Marvel vs. DC — Winner: DC
27. Elephants vs. Giraffes: The Long Race to the Finish — Winner: Giraffes
28. Lions vs. Tigers vs. Bears: Oh My! (part of The Wizard of Neuropia) — Winner: Tigers
29. Centaurs vs. Merfolk: A Human Hybrid Battle — Winner: Merfolk
30. Edison vs. Tesla: War of the Currents — Winner: Edison
31. Kittens vs. Puppies: Too Cute for Comfort — Winner: Puppies
32. Salt vs. Pepper: A Tasty Competition — Winner: Pepper
33. S’more Challenge: Marshmallow vs. Chocolate vs. Graham Cracker (part of Camp Eyewire) — Winner: Marshmallow
34. Mathematical Madness: Newton vs. Leibniz — Winner: Leibniz
35. El Dorado vs. Atlantis — Winner: El Dorado
36. The Caffeine Challenge: Coffee vs. Tea — Winner: Tea
37. A Very Classical Competition — Winner: Mozart
38. Dumbledore vs. Velociraptor vs. Spoon (part of Time Travel) — Winner: Velociraptor
39. A Magical Battle: Dragon vs. Phoenix — Winner: Phoenix
40. A Very Fiendish Fight: Ghosts vs. Goblins — Winner: Goblins
41. Camel Showdown: Dromedary vs. Bactrian — Winner: Dromedary
42. The Question of the Ages: Chicken vs. Egg — Winner: Chicken
43. Mecha Santa vs. Werewolves: The Final Throwdown! (part of Mecha Santa vs. Werewolves) — Winner: Werewolves
44. Dessert Wars: Cake vs. Pie — Winner: Pie
45. The Old Man and the Baby: A New Year’s Throwdown — Winner: Father Time
46. Sine vs. Cosine vs. Tangent: get your trig on — Winner: Cosine
47. Seagulls vs. Bagels: A Battle of Absurdity — Winner: Bagels
48. Pony Bowl: Rainbow Pony vs. Twinkle Pony vs. Bashful Pony — Winner: Bashful Pony
49. The VS. for the Classically Humorous — Winner: Yellow Bile
50. Flight vs. Invisibility (part of Eyewire Hero) — Winner: Flight
51. A Very Bowie Battle — Winner: The Goblin King
52. Astronomy Action: Copernicus vs. Galileo — Winner: Galileo
53. Righties vs. Lefties: A battle of extreme handedness! — Winner: Righties
54. Cloud Battle: Cirrus vs. Cumulus — Winner: Cirrus
55. Archaeopteryx vs. Pterodactyl (part of Space Dinosaurs) — Winner: Pterodactyl
56. Horseflies vs. Butterflies — Winner: Horseflies
57. Pancakes vs. Waffles: Breakfast of Champions — Winner: Waffles
58. Monster Mash: Medusa vs. Sphinx — Winner: Sphinx
59. Eagles vs. Beagles: This madness can’t be legal! — Winner: Beagles
60. Blackbeard vs. Anne Bonny vs. Captain Morgan (part of Cap’n Grim’s Treasure) — Winner: Captain Morgan
61. Sharks vs. Tornadoes — Winner: Tornadoes
62. Elves vs. Orcs: The Fantastic Feud — Winner: Elves
63. Planet Pluto: Yea or Nay? An Astronomic VS — Winner: Nay
64. Rhythmic Gymnastics vs. Synchronized Swimming (part of Eyewire Summer Games) — Winner: Synchronized Swimming
65. Sloths vs. Turtles: The Slow Race to the Finish — Winner: Sloths
66. Noble Gases vs. Radioactive Metals — Winner: Noble Gases
67. Fire vs. Ice — Winner: Fire
68. Clowns vs. Mannequins vs. Mimes: Battle of Childhood Nightmares — Winner: Mimes
69. Admins vs. Players (part of Whodunnit?) — Winner: Admins
70. The Neurotransmitter Throwdown: GABA vs. Glutamate — Winner: GABA
71. Foodception: Turducken vs Cherpumple — Winner: Turducken
72. An (Ant)Arctic Struggle: North Pole vs. South Pole — Winner: South Pole
73. Rock Candy vs. Cotton Candy (part of Candyworld) — Winner: Cotton Candy
74. Liger vs. Zorse: Animal Mashup — Winner: Zorse
75. Hummingbird vs. Fiddler Crab — Winner: Fiddler Crab
76. Dapper Snapper vs. Gassy Bas — Winner: Gassy Bass
77. Goth Sloth vs. Punk Skunk — Winner: Goth Sloth
78. Heart of Gold vs. Heart of Steel (part of Skywire) — Winner: Heart of Steel
79. Greasy Geese vs. Dork Stork — Winner: Dork Stork
80. Funky Monkey vs. Sound Hound — Winner: Funky Monkey
81. Wizard Lizard vs. Escape Goat — Winner: Wizard Lizard
82. Early Bird vs. Night Owl — Winner: Night Owl
83. Order vs. Chaos (part of Neuroquest) — Winner: Order
84. Body Mod Battle: Tattoos vs. Piercings — Winner: Piercings
85. Volcano vs. Tsunami — Winner: Tsunami
86. Arachnibattle: Spiders vs. Scorpions — Winner: Scorpions
87. Alligators vs. Crocodiles — Winner: Alligators
88. Water vs. Electronics (part of Mystics Rising) — Winner: Electronics
89. Analog vs. Digital — Winner: Digital
90. Ketchup vs. Mustard — Winner: Ketchup
91. Ice Cream Classic: Chocolate vs. Vanilla vs. Strawberry — Winner: Strawberry
92. Sportscars vs. Motorcycles (part of Operation Spywire) — Winner: Motorcycles
93. Emerson vs. Thoreau: Transcendentalist Battle — Winner: Thoreau
94. Coyote vs. Roadrunner: Desert Dash — Winner: Roadrunner
95. Future Tech: Hoverboard vs. Jetpack — Winner: Jetpack
96. Creepy Cryptids: Jersey Devil vs. Mothman — Winner: Jersey Devil
97. Zombies vs. Vampires (part of Grim’s Haunted Mansion) — Winner: Vampires
98. Toilet Paper: Over vs. Under — Winner: Under
99. Turkey vs. Bald Eagle — Winner: Turkey
100. Carl Sagan vs. Neil deGrasse Tyson — Winner: Carl Sagan
101. Sledding vs. Skating (part of A Visit From St. Grim) — Winner: Sledding
102. Summer vs. Winter: Battle of the Seasons — Winner: Winter
103. Everest vs. Mariana Trench — Winner: Mariana Trench
103. Comets vs. Asteroids: Out of This World — Winner: Asteroids
104. Mecha vs. Kaiju: The Epic Throwdown — Winner: Kaiju
105. Sweet vs. Spicy: Fighting Flavors — Winner: Spicy
106. Skiing vs. Snowboarding (part of Eyewire Winter Games 2018) — Winner: Snowboarding
107. Apples vs. Windows — Winner: Windows
108. Narwhal vs. Unicorn vs. Pegasus — Winner: Narwhal
109. Introverts vs. Extroverts: Personality Face-off — Winner: Extroverts
110. Mad Hatter vs. March Hare (part of Alice in Neuroland) — Winner: March Hare
111. Ruby vs. Python: Battle of the Coding Languages — Winner: Python
112. Stalactites vs. Stalagmites — Winner: Stalagmites
113. Time vs. Space: A Multi-Dimensional VS — Winner: Space
114. Sleeping vs. Being Awake — Winner: Being Awake
115. Sword vs. Pen: Which is mightier? — Winner: Pen
116. Dragon vs. Phoenix: The Rematch — Winner: Phoenix (again!)
117. Giraffe vs. Ostrich (part of Eyewire Zoo) — Winner: Ostrich
118. X vs. Y vs. Z Planes — Winner: Y
119. Wright Brothers vs. da Vinci: Aerobattle Extraordinaire — Winner: Wright Brothers
120. Cougar vs. Puma vs. Mountain Lion — Winner: Mountain Lion
121. Ferris Wheel vs. Roller Coaster (part of Grim’s Haunted Carnival) — Winner: Roller Coaster
122. RGB vs. CMYK — Winner: CMYK
123. Cool Aunt vs. Fun Uncle — Winner: Fun Uncle
124. Biology vs. Computer Science: Field Battle — Winner: Computer Science

Past Challenge Weeks

This section was last updated in December 2018.

1. The EyeWire Winter Games (February 7-23, 2014)
2. Chemical Z (October 24-30, 2014)
3. Titan Wars (January 15-23, 2015)
4. The Great Spring Creature Feature (March 20-27, 2015)
5. The Wizard of Neuropia (May 22-29, 2015)
6. Camp Eyewire (July 24-31, 2015)
7. Time Travel (September 24-October 2, 2015)
8. Mecha Santa vs. Werewolves (December 3-11, 2015)
9. Eyewire Hero (February 19-25, 2016)
10. Space Dinosaurs (April 22-29, 2016)
11. Cap’n Grim’s Treasure (June 24-July 1, 2016)
12. Eyewire Summer Games (August 19-26, 2016)
13. Whodunnit? (October 21-28, 2016)
14. Candyworld (December 9-16, 2016)
15. Skywire: A Steampunk Adventure (February 17-24, 2017)
16. Neuroquest (April 21-28, 2017)
17. Mystics Rising (June 23-30, 2017)
18. Operation Spywire (August 18-25, 2017)
19. Grim’s Haunted Mansion (October 20-27, 2017)
20. A Visit From St. Grim (December 8-15, 2017)
21. Eyewire Winter Games 2018 (February 16-23, 2018)
22. Alice in Neuroland (April 20-27, 2018)
23. Eyewire Cup (June 25-July 13, 2018) — special bracketed competition, with Trivia & Hunt as well
24. Eyewire Zoo (August 24-31, 2018)
25. Grim’s Haunted Carnival (October 19-26, 2018)

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