Monthly EyeWire Stats: June 2014

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June By the Numbers

New Players: 3,716

Countries Represented: 62

New Cells Completed: 13

Cubes Done: 209,470

Points Won: 21,706,836

New Millionaires: jcostantino, lilmoo, Emeraldstarr and sambob496

This month’s top player is @a5hm0r, racking in an astounding 1,718,868 points and 12,633 cubes. Ash also became the first player to reach 10 million points! Twister followed in a close second with 1,047,275 points. 

Top 10 Players by Points:

1 a5hm0r 1718868
2 twister2 1047275
3 Nseraf 969481
4 galarun 476763
5 jbinsc 434494
6 LotteryDiscountz 400290
7 benficus 371665
8 MaraTara 354151
9 Enma 352411
10 aldof 346551

EyeWire News

This month we refined Team Competitions to include a normalization calculation so that now teams are evenly matched even if they have different numbers of players. Winners are determined by average points per player.

EyeWire also announced bi-monthly funny challenges such as Zombies vs Vampires or Velociraptors vs T-Rex. Stay tuned on the blog for an announcement every other Monday for that week’s challenge.

Several new neurons were named in the Lore of Kor Challenge. The EyeWire Cup begins tonight!

EyeWire Accuracy had a buggy week but things are now back to normal. Learn how our weighted voting system works here.

New Features

Scythes can now inspect and finish branches with Branch Complete function.

Ignacio updated our internal stat machine, which included creating an EyeWire player map.

We updated our calculation of Accuracy. Now your score updates Sunday at midnight and is calculated in real time after each cube you submit.

Team score normalization algorithm.

Chat now flashes when a new player signs on.

EyeWire Player Map

We are also working on an international version of EyeWire – stay tuned for foreign language support, starting with Korean! Thanks for playing and as always we’ll see you online at


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