Scythe Complete


Gather round scythes! The developers have presented you a new feature, the Scythe Complete.

Now you can mark branches complete with in pink. This will reduce the time it takes for us to declare a cell complete and allow you to get new cells more often.

Here’s what you need to know:

All you have to do is check a branch, starting either near the cell body and going towards the edge. Don’t forget to make sure there are absolutely no mergers, missing branches, or missing nubs!

Then you go to the cube you started with and click “Branch Complete”

If you only want to mark a certain portion of the branch complete, you can go to the first cube you didn’t check and click “Unset Complete.” This will only unset the complete status of cubes that are descendants of the one you selected.

You can also change what other players have marked complete. If this change is big enough, say a big missing branch you should log what you’ve changed. Other than that, there is no real need to log what you’ve marked complete.

Please use the special page in the Scout’s Log titled “Scythe Complete” to log branches you are completing!

Reap on Scythes!

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