Lore of Kor: Winners and New Neuron Names

Kor extraction, eyewire

Congratulations to all who participated in the Lore of Kor Space Race!

Team Thana came in first with an impressive 2,053,575 points. Kai, though outnumbered, made waves by scoring over 1.5M points. Together you completed 58,000 cubes and 3 new cells.

The top 15 players on Thana won a right to nominate a neuron name for the three cells we completed during the week. Players who completed over 150 cubes voted for their favorite names. And we have winners!

1st place and the new name for neuron 358 is now Space Race Trace, nominated by @tiikerikani.

2nd place (cell 356) is Enigma, nominated by @susi.
3rd place (cell 98) is Slartibartfast, nominated by @cerebus.


Thanks to everyone for participating in the Lore of Kor Space Race! This was EyeWire’s first major competition using the new system built by Katya — we learned a lot. Most notably, in future challenges we have instrumented a normalization algorithm to prevent unfair competition if one team is outnumbered.  The winning team will now be calculated by dividing total number of points by the number of player participating beyond a specific point threshold.

Stay tuned for more challenges! As always, we’ll see you online at EyeWire.org.


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