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grey matter, gray matter, axons, cortex, white matter, cortical neurons, cortical layers, cortex layers

Gray Matter vs White Matter

In order to internalize these components of self, we’re excited to invite you to participate in the brain battle of Grey Matter …

potato, tomato, vs, competition, fun, fruit, vegetable, tuber

Tomato vs Potato: Tomatoes win!

It was a delicious and nutritious battle, but in the end one food stood victorious. Congrats to team tomato, this weeks winner! …

squid, Eyewire, citizen science, marine biology, Undersea Odyssey

Undersea Odyssey: Team Squid wins!

As the ink clears from the battlefield, it appears we have a winner… Team Squid reigns supreme, a monarch among molluscs! Congratulations …

Eyewire, citizen science, octopus, squid, Undersea Odyssey, marine biology

Undersea Odyssey: Squid vs. Octopus

Since ocean exploration first began, the almost unearthly qualities of marine life have captured our imagination. Strange shapes, bizarre abilities… and some …

green plumber, citizen science, Eyewire

And the winning plumber is…!

… Green Plumber! This mysterious yet fantastic battle has come to an end, and the viridian victor stands tallest. Congratulations to both …