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neutron star, Eyewire, citizen science

Team Neutron Star triumphs!

What a cosmic battle! But as the stardust clears, we can see our winner plainly: Eyewire has anointed the neutron star as …

cortex, neurons, action potential

Axon vs Dendrite: Neuroscience Knockout

Can’t get enough Versus competitions? Can’t get enough neuroscience? Don’t worry, we’re here with a head-to-head battle that will satisfy your cravings …

guacamole, Brax, Eyewire, Megan Kelly, citizen science

Victory to Team Guacamole!

Yum! It looks like guacamole has been promoted to duke of dips. No complaints here! Congrats to both sides on another great …

Brax, Rika, chips, guac, competition, faceoff, Eyewire, citizen science

Salsa vs. Guacamole

Here comes another snack attack! And this time HQ can’t decide between having something spicy and zesty, or cool and creamy. All …