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moon, satellite, Eyewire, citizen science, solar system

Victory to Team Moon!

Hip hip hooray! Team Moon has triumphed. May they shine biggest and brightest on Eyewire today. But congratulations to both sides on …

sun, moon, astronomy, solar system, Eyewire, citizen science, satellite

Sun vs. Moon

What two shiny objects does everyone in the world get to share in common? The Sun and the Moon, of course! And …

infrared, electromagnetic spectrum, Eyewire, citizen science, optics, light frequencies

Team Infrared wins!

Hooray! After a stunning last-minute upset, we have our winner for the electromagnetic battle: Team Infrared! Looks like Eyewire radiates on the …

grey matter, gray matter, axons, cortex, white matter, cortical neurons, cortical layers, cortex layers

Gray Matter vs White Matter

In order to internalize these components of self, we’re excited to invite you to participate in the brain battle of Grey Matter …

potato, tomato, vs, competition, fun, fruit, vegetable, tuber

Tomato vs Potato: Tomatoes win!

It was a delicious and nutritious battle, but in the end one food stood victorious. Congrats to team tomato, this weeks winner! …