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Rika, Nurro, robots, competition, Eyewire, citizen science

Stripes vs. Spots

Stripes or spots? It’s a simple question on the surface. Which patterning makes your personality pop? The decision might be harder than …

base, pH, Nurro, Eyewire, citizen science, competition, winner

Team Base wins!

What a pHantastic, pHabulous, possibly even pHizzy battle! In the great bubbling broil of this VS, one challenger has taken the crown: …

Mesozoic, dinosaur, citizen science, Eyewire, Eyewire Rocks, geology

Eyewire Rocks: Mesozoic wins!

The closing bell has sounded! That’s a wrap! And as the dust clears… it appears Team Mesozoic has carried the day! That …

Nurro, Eyewire, citizen science, competition, trackpad

Congrats to Team Trackpad!

We have a winner, folks! After a well-fought 48 hours, Team Trackpad now reigns supreme. I guess we know Eyewirers’ true tracing …