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squid, Eyewire, citizen science, marine biology, Undersea Odyssey

Undersea Odyssey: Team Squid wins!

As the ink clears from the battlefield, it appears we have a winner… Team Squid reigns supreme, a monarch among molluscs! Congratulations …

Eyewire, citizen science, octopus, squid, Undersea Odyssey, marine biology

Undersea Odyssey: Squid vs. Octopus

Since ocean exploration first began, the almost unearthly qualities of marine life have captured our imagination. Strange shapes, bizarre abilities… and some …

green plumber, citizen science, Eyewire

And the winning plumber is…!

… Green Plumber! This mysterious yet fantastic battle has come to an end, and the viridian victor stands tallest. Congratulations to both …

citizen science, Eyewire, red plumber, green plumber

Red Plumber vs. Green Plumber

Once upon a time, in an unspecified yet magical land of mushroom monsters, terrorizing turtles, fire-breathing plants, and bricks bestowing money and …

tea, Eyewire, citizen science

Team Tea wins the rematch again!

Looks like any way you serve it, tea is Eyewire’s morning drink for good! Congratulations to everyone on a well played rematch. …

Eyewire, citizen science, tea, coffee

Coffee vs. Tea: The Rematch!

It’s another VS rematch from Eyewire days gone by! Starting at 11 AM EST on 12/27 and going for 24 hours, we’re …