Announcing the EyeWire Cup!

What seems to be a hot topic among our Eyewirers this summer? The World Cup! With our broad player base, we clearly have soccer (all right, football) fans participating in our own game from all over the world. But of course, we can’t all be the next Pele…

Unless we’re talking the Pele of SCIENCE. Now announcing: EyeWire’s first bracketed competition!

eyewire for science, for science, for science blue, ForScience black on light blue

Here’s the drill for interested players:

1. Starting at 1 PM EDT on Tuesday, July 1st, we’ll have a link up for the competition signup form. There, you’ll note your username and your player type (regular, Scout, Scythe, or Mod).  The deadline for signups will be Thursday, July 3rd at 1 PM EDT, and the competition will then begin Monday, July 7th at 6 PM EDT.

*If you are interested in participating, please fill out this form ASAP with your EyeWire username and your availability.  The competition will resume at the same time every day, so make sure that you pick a time when you have availability from Monday July 7th to Thursday July 10th.  Please note that this is ONLY for gauging player availability, and does not guarantee you a spot in the actual competition.*  

2. Scouts, Scythes, and Mods will be allocated into one bracket to compete, while regular players will be allocated into another. This will let our less seasoned players still get a chance for big points!

3. To give the brackets an even number of people, competition signup is first come, first served, and only the first 8 people to sign up per bracket will be guaranteed a place. If we get enough interest we will increase the size of the brackets, but we apologize in advance if we need to drop you as a later signup.  Bracket systems only work successfully with a fixed number of players in each round.

4. Before the signup deadline, you can e-mail or message an admin to drop out of the competition should you become unable to participate. After the deadline, if you aren’t present for a competition round, this will be considered a forfeit and the opposing player will advance.

5. Competition rounds will be spread over 3+ days depending on bracket size. They will last one hour per day at the time chosen from player availability. Advancement from one round to the next is decided on whether you score more points than your given opponent. You will be awarded 10,000 points for each round you win, and whoever wins first place will get an additional 10,000 point bonus overall.

For the more visually inclined among us, here’s a sample bracket for if eight admins were playing:


Them’s the basics. Remember, the signup period runs Monday, June 30th to Thursday, July 3rd. As this is a new competition format, please consider it a test run, though the points you get for participation and advancement will certainly be real. We look forward to seeing who will be the competitors in our first EyeWire Cup! And for obvious reasons, we promise we’ll do our best not to schedule the rounds during actual World Cup games.

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